Monday, January 14, 2013

Cheerleading Theme

                              CWS !SIMPLY THE BEST!

Went to a styling theme tonight and placed 3rd..yay me!!!! LoL. Really, had fun designing the outfit and putting the poses together. Yes I took pics..sec

 The first two are of me waiting before the start. and the last two are of the winners for tonight.

As I get better I hope to hold another trophy in my arms again. But for tonight Jenni Lynn did a fantastic job. Oh. the winners ;)
Congrats to our Styling Cheer Winners!
Mon, Jan 14 2013 5:43:48 PM PST

1st -  Jenni Lynn
 2nd -   Lil Imp
 3rd - Katrinova

But congrats to all who attended. Was a fun show.
off I go dear blog as always,
cookie kisses

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