Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hapy New Year

                          HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013


Hello Blog, I'm back ;-). In just a few short days we begin a new course of instruction at UCWS.
This will be the advanced class and am looking forward to attending. 
CWS had the first styling event on 1/2/2013. It was 'ALL THAT JAZZ' Flapper designs, sultry singers a stage performance. I went in a design kinda that Liza Minnelli wore in Cabaret. Of course I have pictures sec

This was hard for me to do as I started out with an outfit that I wore to a show in Chicago a couple years ago. It looked a bit like this

But in the end I thought about being on stage and presenting an outfit that was 'in' a show.  So that's what I went with.
The winners were;
                                        ★(`'·.¸(`'·.¸  Styling  All That Jazz Theme ·'´)¸.·'´)★

    1st  :   -Timberlynn
             2nd-  SweetYuna
                           3rd-   Ziggy-zig-Jeno

You can read more here

Oh, picture right sec

I enjoy attending these events. While on the one hand I need to present my self for the judge's approval, I also learn what to look for as if I was the judge. This has come about by getting my scores after the events which are to help me improve, but it also gives me an insight into what I did wrong so that I look for it before the show and apply that to others while I'm there. This one I picked two out of the three winners.
It's all fun, hard work but fun. Well except for a design I bought and couldn't get off. That was not fun. But it's gone from my inventory so back to normal.
I hope you enjoy reading this, it's on my profile if you look in world and of course the links are on this page explaining everything you need to know about CWS, and I hope by following my journey you'll get some of the experience and excitement that I do in doing this.

as always,
cookie kisses


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