Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Me Theme

First styling event after the holiday break. Is interesting these events. Trying to figure out what the judges want based on the theme 'words' Then trying to come up with the right outfit, poses and description. Oh, you can use props at these events too. I did on this theme and was fun. Found an old outfit in my inventory, made some changes to my avi from when I purchased it. Took two pictures back stage

Had a great all that matters. as always
cookie kisses


Sunday, December 23, 2012

My First Show

After being checked out on all the formations and practicing I was thrilled to be invited to participate in a show with some really experienced models. The shows that I had been going to see, I was going to be in one. I missed a message from Anrol on my bio so glad I showed up early and was able to get it to her. Need to re-write mine as I've gone through some changes since my first. Some has been disappointing but I always keep in mind it's a learning experience. This show was fast paced and I only wore two outfits designed by Rita Hazelnet Faddoul. The one after I put it on was perfect. Other then shoes and my makeup nothing was needed for this outfit. It just 'was'. Hope that makes sense, but is what I felt as it rezzed in world an appeared. The second I added a bit of jewelry, but that may have just been me as it too was beautiful.
We had pictures taken first, then a rehearsal and a break before the show. You can laugh if you want but was invited on Thursday and actually showed up for the show on Friday, when it was Saturday. K, so I was nervous and excited to be able to do this. All my mind kept saying was 'I'm in a show'.
The rehearsal went great, and I went home to relax between but it was imposable really to relax.
I have sat and watched these shows and they seem to go off with out a hitch, but actually doing To make it worse the more experienced models actually chatted during the whole thing. I'm like 'what' how do they do this.
I did okay for my first time out. There is always room for improvement and with more practice and experience I'll improve. And be able to relax a bit more.
I started out in my first outfit so was okay with that. Then I had to go back stage and change into my second, rebake so that I looked okay, then it was time for bio. This is when we all go out one at a time. As I was standing there waiting for the other models to finish on stage, get back and get changed it dawned on me..on no..I go out first. Doh, was a good thing as just after that thought ran through my mind I was called out. Hit a bit of lag as I was walking to my second position but it went off okay, but do need to hit the marks a bit better. This will come with time and experience. At least I hope I did well enough to get invited back for another.
I wasn't able to take any pictures during the show, just not enough time and really it's bad of me not to have pictures of both outfits for you to see, but I took two at home, one of each and two as I was posing on stage during bio let me post these :)

The first two are of me trying to relax, just doing nothing, well checking to make sure everything was ready, the second two are of me posing on stage. You can see I'm a bit off my mark, I should have been a couple of steps further back.
Those that were in the show were
Ania Lennie
Laylah Lecker
Kisana Rossen
Vicky Yongbo
Tiffani Celestalis
Sidney Abbout
Summit Beaumont (we had class together)
Liberty Lighthouse
Ladysunfire Erin
Laci Rossini
Janet Brink
After the show I was able to breath LoL. Will always look back on this as one of my experiences in SL as fun. But it's really hard work to get to here but with the training and help of the CWS staff was well worth it.
as always,
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Was honored to be asked to attend and participate in an advanced finals. I hope to be able to do as well if it comes up on my continuing career in modeling. Well done. If you'd like to see you can follow this link

Hope you enjoy looking as much as I did doing.

As always,

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Went to the Ms Clause Styling theme. And you know what? Yep placed 1st. Was even given a trophy for it. I didn't take any pictures yet. Haven't had time, but did take one of all the winners. This is the picture

I'm the one holding the trophy. Since I had never won 1st place when I was given the trophy it looked funny. So I figured okay I know how to edit. Duh, sitting on wrong pose ball. So sat on the right one and had to edit again. Poor Steve. I wonder if he wanted to strangle me? LoL. No he's a nice man, has to be or Anrol..ut oh...This is a list of all of us that won

Mon, Dec 17 2012 11:09:35 PM PST

1st- LiL2imp
2nd-  Sidney Abbot
3rd- Chevia Johansson
4th- Ladysunfire Erin
 5th- Liberty Lighthouse

Just being on stage with these models is an honor for me.They have lots of experience. So I get to learn while I'm there too. And it was fun winning I won't lie about that.
Well that's all for today so far dear blog. Off to work I go, well coffee first. as always,

cookie kisses,

Monday, December 17, 2012

CWS Ms World 2012

No it's not me LOL. I just graduated last month. Was at the show doing some intermission dances. Had so much fun. 'THE CWS DANCERS'. Well that's how we were called anyway. The group of us only had to change into three outfits. The contestants wow. OH maybe you want to know names. K sec
 Ms Katrinova Resident-Russia
Ms Ania Lennie-Canada
Ms Adrianna Applewhyte-Germany
Ms Lilmama Artis-Africa
Ms Sunrae Suntzu-Macedonia
Ms Kiralynn Destiny-Switzerland
No not the CWS DANCERS those were the 2012 World finalists. The dance Choreographers were
Ms Lisana Rossen
Ms Tiffani Celestalis
Ms Laylah Lecker
The CWS DANCERS along with the Choreographers (our instructors) who had hidden whips just in case were
Ms annabree.fang
Ms Timberlynn Resident
Ms Agee Canto
Ms LiL2imp Resident..that's me
Ms Farah
Ms Summitt Beaumont
Lisana did the Gypsy routine, Tiffani did the Gangnam routine and Laylah the Diva routine.
I watched the show from backstage and I'm sure the contestants were more nervous then I as there was 200k being awarded plus the title of Ms World 2012. I didn't get pictures of the actual show and should have, guess you had to be there really, it was amazing. Yes I did get pictures of me, or what's the sense right? LoL k will add them sec.

That's the gypsy outfit I wore and a couple of all of us performing.

That's the gangnam outfit I wore, one of me dancing, yes I know, looks funny and one of all of us.

This is the diva outfit I wore and one of us on stage with the finalists while they were waiting for the announcements.
OH the winners
2012 photogenic was Ania Lennie
2012 best creative outfit Ms Katrinova Resident
4th runner up Ms Adrianna Applewhyte
3rd runner up Ms Lilmama Artis
2nd runer up Ms Ania Lennie
1st runner up Ms Kiralyn Destiny
and the new Ms World 2012 Sunrae Suntzu.
I think they all won. But you had to be there. Hope someday you can come and watch me give it a try.
Hope you enjoyed this, as always
cookie kisses,

Saturday, December 15, 2012

                                        HELLO BLOG

                                     HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN YOU

                                                             Just been really busy


Have been learning new things, participating in Styling Themes. New formations...YAY  I made the teams. This is special as they are shows put on by the models at different stages, different formations and are really busy times for the models participating. 
Am trying my best in the styling themes. Have placed 3rd twice and 2nd once. Yet to win 1st, but I'll keep trying. After I have done my style, if I'm not last, I enjoy watching the other models do theirs. These are more experienced models then I, so I learn something each time I enter. I think I have some pictures of the ones I placed in. Let me check brb. 

LoL yep found them let me pull them up for you

The one about was the Lingerie Theme and I placed 3rd

This one was How Sexy Are you, I guess I should have left off my chaps and jacket but placed 3rd also

  This was the Skating Theme and I placed 2nd. Sighs..someday will be in the middle with that trophy. 
    Is hard work to do these themes. All the contestants deserve lots of credit. Come watch one someday and you'll see what I mean.
Have to go now, the day is starting. as always

cookie kisses,